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Cozy Makes With Our Unique Cotton Sweater Waffle

We know a good knit. The latest favorite is our Cotton Sweater Waffle, a true sweater knit with amazing plush and beautiful texture. With super distinctive waffles that are easy to admire from far away, this knit has the ideal weight and volume to make the perfect cardigan or pullover. Made of 100% cotton 🙌, this fabric works all year round — cotton knits are breathable and the ideal fabric for those cool summer nights. 

These comfy sweater waffles come in four colors (two are sold out for good) with matching sweater ribs for the perfect edge finish. Here are six cozy pullover and cardigan creations by our community using this unique beauty of a fabric. 

Cream Sweater Tops

There’s something very timeless about a cream sweater, easy to wear over a T-shirt and paired with blue jeans. Check out these four different styles of sweater tops made with our Cream Cotton Sweater Waffle. 

1. Boxy Vest

Jacquelyn made a vest style sweater, with the neckline, waist, and sleeve edges all finished with our matching rib. We love the cohesive chunkiness of the sweater and its versatility. With a boxy cut, this can be worn over a turtleneck or long sleeve shirt for a stylish layered look.

2. Cropped Short Sleeve Top

For a really special knit like this, go with a simple silhouette so that the fabric can truly shine. We love the classic shape of Andrea’s short sleeve top which means you can really focus on all the textural intrigue of the fabric. The Chives sweatshirt also has the perfect puff sleeve detail which looks extra adorable in this knit.

3. Collared Pullover

We love the mix of the polo style lines with a more textured cozy fabric. The result is an unexpected yet stylish look that feels very modern and is perfectly on trend. Check out a similar polo style that Laurel made using our Cotton Sweater Rib.  

4. Classic Pullover

The Leona Sweater adds a twist to a simple sweatshirt, with front paneling for further shape and dimension. With relaxed sleeves, it’s easy to throw over any top as a versatile layer all year round.


Your first idea for this fabric is probably a cardigan. This fabric works up beautifully in both short and long styles, see below.

5. Terracotta Cropped Cardigan

Great thinking Laurel! The relaxed shape of the Agnes PJ top translates so well into a casual cropped cardigan. Laurel adapted this pattern meant for a woven fabric to its knit analogue by adding a ribbed button closure. This garment with its oversized sleeves really shows the easy, soft drape of this fabric.

6. Black Long Cardigan

Even in black, you can see the fabric’s beautiful waffle texture.  The Esme Maxi Cardigan by Named Clothing is one of the best patterns for this fabric if you’re envisioning a long duster-length cardigan to wear over all your outfits. Jacquelyn opted to omit sleeves for a vest cardigan that looks extra dramatic with the added belt.

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