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Five Vintage-Inspired Looks With Our Indigo Printed Corduroy

Our family of Indigo Printed Corduroys is no doubt the fabric of the moment. Throughout Fall, we have been adding some really special deadstock fabrics from Japan, from highly detailed plaids like our Neutral Heirloom Plaid Cotton to unique bottomweights like these corduroys.

These printed corduroys are designed to emulate the classic indigo patterns found in traditional Kasuri, an artisanal Japanese technique which typically uses indigo dye to make small geometric patterns with yarn-dyed weaving. Our corduroys are a modern take on this traditional technique. Printed on highly textured wide wale corduroys, the indigo patterns evoke a similar heritage aesthetic but have even more richness and dimension fitting with Fall and Winter. At 9.5 oz/sq yard, this is your standard bottomweight corduroy weight, suited for bottoms and outerwear.

These fabrics have a very cool vintage aesthetic. You can use them to make vintage style garments like pinafores or something modern and classic like a straight leg pant for a more subtle hint of nostalgia. We’re so excited to share with you these five creative and inspired makes by our community!

1. Speck Set

Indigo Speck (sold out for good) has a barely-there dot pattern which from a distance adds even more visual texture to the fabric. 

Laurel made the perfect vest and skirt set. This modern style mixed with the print gives a subtle vintage feel while keeping it classic and versatile.

We love the easy yet so complete styling with a simple cream turtleneck and tights for a very LA winter outfit.

2. Vintage Pinafore

For a classic feminine style that complements the vintage aesthetic of the fabric, a pinafore is the clear winner. Jacquelyn’s pinafore creation has an iconic vintage look and really captures the spirit of the fabric! The main body in Indigo Ditsy, with Indigo Speck used for one of the two bands. 

Another perfect styling for the books! A white shirt with black tights under the piece is such a tried and true combination for winter.

You can check out more photos and learn more about the special details Jacquelyn added on her IG.

3. Cute Bomber

Inspired by the fabric, Tina used a vintage sewing pattern as a base to develop a bomber-style vintage jacket mixing all three corduroy prints. 

She used Indigo Speck in the cuffs, collar, and the waistband to add contrast and enhance the bomber look. Indigo Heritage Motif is used in the collar ruffle.

This look really shows how you can mix these prints together to go where your creativity leads you. 


4. Printed Flares

We love a cool pant and Andrea really has it. 

She cleverly turned the bootlegged Lander Pant into a flare leg to channel all the right vintage vibes with our Indigo Ditsy. With a high waisted fit, the pant is modern, stylish, and retro all at the same time.

We love how she leaned into the fabric and created such an inspired look. That’s what making your own clothes is all about!

5. Classic Shift Dress

With distinctive prints like these corduroys, one idea that never fails is to use a classic silhouette like Rumer’s pinafore dress, made with our Indigo Ditsy.

The Kaja dress has a classic shift shape, achieved with two simple darts. It’s a timeless piece and easy to wear over any shirt. Pinafores also look great with tights for cooler temperatures.

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