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Sweater Rib Eight Ways


One of our favorite fabrics from this season is our Heavy Cotton Blend Sweater Rib. This fabric really checks off all the boxes for the perfect sweater fabric. The 2×2 rib knit is made with sweater yarn, which gives the fabric a very classic cotton sweater rib look. At 12.6 oz/sq yard, it is also a substantial weight that is sure to keep us warm and cozy in the cold months ahead, yet the fabric also drapes in a beautiful way that makes it super versatile for both fitted and relaxed styles alike. 

Check out this lovely array of eight(!) project ideas that use our sweater rib in classic and modern ways. 

Sweater Rib Dresses

We love sweater dresses because they achieve the impossible: they’ve got the super comfy feel of pajamas, yet they look very chic and put together. A fitted sweater rib dress has a very modern aesthetic and is definitely having a moment right now. Check out our three sweater dress ideas below.

1. Henley Sweater Dress

What a dress. Andrea really knocked it out of the park with those plackets! 

The Nikko Dress is a fitted dress pattern with double slits. Straight up, it gives you a mock neck bodice, but if you like the general fit of the top and dress, you can adapt it to your liking like Andrea has done. 

This dress looks so comfy, stylish, and wearable (hello, henley!). 

2. Backless Tank Sweater Dress

Another super striking sweater dress! Laurel’s tank sweater dress balances a simple silhouette in the front with an elegant backless detail. With a wonderful drape, this fabric will fall in a very flattering way past your hips, which you can see in this dress. 

3. V neck Sweater Dress

Tina’s sweater dress is a more simple style with some subtle details that make it easy to wear. The Iliana dress is a semi-fitted dress. It’s fitted in the center upper bodice (around the bust and shoulders), but is relaxed the sleeves and the lower bodice. You can see how the fabric works up in this more relaxed style: it just drapes onto your body without being boxy or bulky. Because it’s not super fitted, you can definitely even wear a thin layer underneath for layering.

Stylish Sweaters

4. Sweetheart Sweater Tee

Turn any top pattern into a sweater top with our sweater rib. What you get is an even cuter top that is a whole lot warmer to get you through Winter! Rumer does exactly that with the Sofia Sweetheart Top.

5. Sweater Half Zip

Laurel’s very cool half zip shows how you can use this ribbed knit in both its straight length grain and its cross grain directions. The fabric has a bit of spandex which means it’s stretchy in both directions. 

Classic Sweater Tops

One of our favorite sweater rib ideas is a simple, classic silhouette. With a visually-textured and intriguing fabric like this rib, a tried and true wearable garment like a basic Tee can become something just a bit (or a lot!) more special.

Check out these three great examples:

6. Lounge Set

For some extra hygge, make a sweater set like Jacquelyn. This is the perfect loungewear set we all need to have in our closet! Very stylish when worn together, this set is made of two versatile pieces that can also be worn separately.  

7. Classic Tee

Our sweater rib takes in boxy fits extremely well. With its soft drape, the extra fabric will just fall elegantly onto your body. This is one of the best features of this fabric and you can see that really well in Kari’s classic Tee.

8. Oversized Tunic Dress

This is the LB Pullover adapted into a dress with sleeve and cuff modifications. We love the idea of adding cuffs like this for a more polished long sleeve look. And hey, it’s also pretty practical at keeping the cold air out too!

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