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What is Deadstock?

We use the term ‘deadstock’ to refer to unused fabrics left over by clothing brands, other fabric suppliers, and textile mills. By sourcing deadstock, Lyrical is closing the loop on the textile life cycle, doing our small part in minimizing waste in the highly pollutant fashion industry. 

Over 70% of our shop is stocked with deadstock fabrics, and they come in almost all of our favorite fiber contents: cottons, rayons, linens, wool, and blends of these fibers.

Sourcing deadstock is not only a sustainable practice, but it also enables us to access top quality fabrics for the sewing community. Many of these textiles are unique and innovative in their weaving and fiber content, targeted for what we look for in apparel fabrics: wearable colors and comfortable texture. We’re very thoughtful in our sourcing process, picking out fabrics that are beloved in sustainable fashion but are often not available through traditional fabric suppliers. You can definitely count on us to find the best deadstock there is.