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Add this item to cart and you will receive a gift card from Lyrical valued at 10% of your order value. This item is only valid on orders above $50 placed on Wednesday 11/23 before midnight PST. Gift cards do not expire. This item must be included in your order at the time of check out for you to receive the gift card. We cannot add this feature retroactively so please add it to your cart now so you don’t miss out! Gift cards are only issued if the terms listed above are met.

Receiving the gift card: We will email you your gift card 2-3 weeks after your order date, not immediately after purchase.

Examples: Gift card will round up to the nearest dollar. Here are some examples:

$54 Order = $6 Gift Card

$116.50 Order = $12 Gift Card

$231.50 Order = $24 Gift Card


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