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Chalk Stripe – Textured Cotton Sweater – sold by the PIECE



6.3 oz/sq yard or 213 GSM




100% Cotton

% Stretch


Sold by the piece. This striped sweater with beautifully knitted detailwork is the only fabric we sell by the piece. Each piece measures 1.25 yards (45 inches) in length and 70 inches in width. If you choose to purchase a quantity of 2 for example, you will receive two 1.25 yard pieces rather than one continuous piece. You may still order half a piece.

For edge finishing, we have a cotton rib (last photo) in the same color that you can purchase as an add-on sold in 1/4 yard increments (scroll down). We offer this 1/4 yard add-on because that quantity is sufficient for trim application in cuffs and neckbands. The rib pictured is 44″ wide, 10 oz/sq yard or 339 GSM, and 100% Cotton.

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