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About Lyrical.

Modern apparel fabrics.

Lyrical Fabrics is a sustainable online fabric shop based out of San Francisco, CA. We offer a highly curated selection of the apparel fabrics for creatives, makers, and home sewers alike. Coming from a clothing design background, we are very in touch with novel textiles used in modern apparel brands, and are always working to bring them to our customers. 

Thoughtfully curated.

We believe the best wardrobe is made of a mix of classic and unique, so we curate our fabric shop in the same way. You’ll find a lot of timeless textiles and colors alongside limited gems.

Committed to sustainability.

Lyrical is an environmentally-conscious and sustainability-focused business, always working towards our goal of reducing waste in the highly pollutant textile and fashion industry. Whenever possible, we source deadstock fabrics: unused yardages left over by clothing brands and textile mills. We carry deadstock fabrics in many fiber contents, from classics like linens and cotton to modern textiles like tencels and unique blends. These fabrics make up 50-75% of the inventory in our shop.

Natural Fibers.

We source primarily cellulose and protein fibers, because we believe they make the most comfortable clothing. Cotton, linen, and the rayon family (viscose, rayon, modal, lyocell, and bamboo, etc.) are all plant-based fabrics with moisture-wicking properties that make them feel pleasant against our skin. At the end of their life cycle, these fabrics can biodegrade and become part of the Earth’s cyclic ecosystem. 
Thermoplastic fibers like polyester are derived from petroleum, which is an oil. Like a plastic bottle, while they can sometimes be recycled, these fabrics can never biodegrade. It is important to us as a sustainability-focused business that we minimize the extraction of petroleum whenever possible. This is the other important reason why for the most part, we don’t carry polyester.  Whenever you do find the few items in the shop that has some polyester content, it is usually a fabrication where the polyester adds something integral to intended outcome of the fabric. Or it is something quite special.