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Why I Love Pointelles

Image 1. All the sweetest details. I’m wearing a not-so-plain white Tee that I made with the Dove Diamond Lattice – Abby Cotton Pointelle. 

Cotton pointelle is quite the charmer. As a teenager, I fell for its sweet, feminine lace-like details. A basic Tee made of cotton pointelle feels like more than just a basic. As I grew older, those details never not lost their magic.

Image 2. A Spring state of mind. A T- shirt dress I made with our Peach Ditsy Floral Chloe Pointelle. For more details on Chloe, see our previous post on Chloe and Abby.

A classic pointelle is made of 100% cotton, with the eyelet openwork done on a baby rib knit. Today, spandex has made its way into a lot of knits, but the most popular cotton pointelles are still made in the same way as they were decades ago, all cotton. 

Clothing made with this fabric gives off a more vintage, relaxed vibe compared to clothing made with knits with spandex. It’s one of the reasons I love classic pointelles: I love the way they wear. 

100% Cotton Pointelle is like a pair of vintage jeans. It gives you a comfy fit without clinging too tightly to your body, which is my personal preference for everyday casual wear. 

This latest pointelle collection is my favorite fabric drop this year. I am so excited about all its possibilities. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been testing Chloe and Abby on various styles along with trying different finishing and detailing techniques for necklines and hemlines. In the next blog, I will share more on sewing with pointelles, the patterns I think work best with Chloe and Abby, and my favorite pointelle looks. In the meantime, I hope you are as inspired as I am by these beautiful, timeless gems.

- Tina

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